Disaster Planning & CMS Guidelines

As of November 2017 CMS is requiring multiple healthcare entities to be compliant with disaster preparedness guidelines. WMRMC is aware that many healthcare entities will not have the necessary expertise to meet these guidelines. WMRMC Disaster Planning Division is committed to helping healthcare agencies develop and test plans that will provide the best possible care for their patients and staff in times of crisis.

For more information on the new requirements please visit: CMS- Emergency Preparedness Rule

Agencies that are required to meet these guidelines:

Providers/Suppliers Facilities Impacted by the Emergency Preparedness Rule 

How it Works

WMRMC is committed to training appropriate staff to the level needed and assisting them in developing the disaster plans.  While some contractors may say they will write the plans for each facility, WMRMC believes it is critical that each facility be involved in the writing and development of the plans.  WMRMC will work with the staff to develop a plan that makes sense for the facility or community, work with staff to test the plans appropriately and meet the 2017 CMS requirements. 

  • Standard plans are available at 3 levels:  Bronze, Silver & Gold
  • Custom plans  and individual services are available
  • Exercise Development and administration
  • Education and training in disaster preparedness from basic to advanced
  • Contractors & Instructors that are content experts
  • 16 years of disaster and emergency preparedness planning


About Us

West Michigan Regional Medical Consortium (WMRMC) is a 501c3 organization dedicated to Healthcare disaster preparedness. WMRMC believes healthcare facilities need to have a point person at each facility with some knowledge and expertise in disaster preparedness.  We have overseen disaster preparedness in West Michigan since 2008 with extensive experience and involvement in disaster planning and exercises for multiple healthcare entities. Any funds generated from these services will go towards the continued operation of the Region 6 and Region 7 Healthcare Coalitions along with the WMRMC. 


Available Services


  • Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
  • Disaster Plan Development & Training
  • Exercises
  • Community Plan Development
  • Yearly Review of Disaster Plans
  • Yearly Full Scale Exercises
  • Basic Disaster Life Support Course
  • Advanced Disaster Life Support Course


Contact Us

E-Mail: disasterplan@wmrmc.org

Phone: 231-728-1967

West Michigan Regional Medical Consortium (WMRMC) is a quasi-governmental regulatory agency
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